Ovid's Government operates under a Board of Trustees form of government. Board members are elected to a term by the people of the town. The Mayor is also elected to term by the town residents. The board consists of 5 trustees and the mayor. The board meets regularly on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm. The agenda is not posted until the day of the meeting therefore to get the most current minutes please contact the town hall using the information on the contact us page. The Town Manager is appointed by the board to take care of the town and all of the maintenance and upkeep. The Clerk Acts as the official record keeper for all the meetings and maintains the town office weekdays 8:00am-4:00pm.  For more information on the board member, including party affiliation and time on the board, click the name of the board member.

The Current Board Members:

  • Andrew Schneider, Mayor
  • Mike Sullivan, Mayor Pro Tem
  • Jeremy Nail, Trustee
  • Frank Hernandez, Trustee
  • Jeff Sittner, Trustee
  • Jeff Pocock, Trustee
  • Scott Heath, Trustee
  • Lee Jones, Town Maintenance
  • Belinda Riggs, Town Clerk
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