When incorporated Ovid depended on the Union Pacific railroad for shipment of its agriculture products to market. The Town still has Union Pacific service, for its industries and businesses. Ovid's economy continues to be based in agriculture.

The Town of Ovid's Council has taken a leadership role in the community's economic development efforts. This has included improving the infrastructure to allow existing businesses to expand, and to assist in the attraction of future businesses. The Town of Ovid has worked hard to establish a sound base on which new and existing businesses can thrive.

The Town of Ovid is always looking for new developments for our community.   If you have an idea to bring new people or businesses in the community, or if you have any questions about building or starting a business in this area, you are welcome to come to a Town board meeting at the Town Hall. For more information about building sites in Colorado please visit www.ColoradoProspects.com. Board meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month or you can contact us using either of the following methods or use the form on the Contact Us Page:

Email: ovid-colo@pctelcom.coop

or you can mail us at

Town of Ovid
P.O. Box 396
Ovid, Co. 80744




Economic Development: