Ovid has a long history

Ovid is also a very historical place with the Pony Express, Fort Sedgwick, and many other historical places.

Sedgwick County was named for Fort Sedgwick, a military post along the Platte Trail, which existed from approximately 1864- 1871. This fort was located across the South Platte River, from the present day town of Ovid. The post was named in honor of General John Sedgwick who led Union military campaigns into the area. For more historical information you can visit The River Trail Online at www.rivertrailonline.org. This outlines many unique and historical features about Ovid and the surrounding areas, however, it is not in any way affiliated with OvidColorado.com and we are not responsible for any information contained on the River Trail website. There are museums and historical markers placed throughout the county and town locating and outlining historical places. When in the area you can stop by the any of the museums or the town hall and we will be glad to point you in the right direction to the historical markers.